Our team at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science offers many forms of training for scientists hoping to improve their communication skills and connect with family, friends and colleagues to tell clear and vivid stories about their work. We have trained over 14,000 scientists in The Alda Method®  since 2009, successfully using improvisational theater exercises and message design workshops to address the common pitfalls of science communication. Please browse our website to learn more about the following training offerings.

Workshops on the Road

Host an Alda Center team to train scientists on your campus or at your company.

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Alda Medical Experience™

Advance high quality patient care together with your team. Strengthen your ability to innovate, collaborate, and communicate.

Alda Science Communication Experience™

Learn to communicate about your research in clear and vivid ways with our dynamic and experiential two-day Alda Method® workshop.

Power Connection

Reshape the Future for Women in STEM. Use the power of improv to help you and a group of colleagues connect and challenge dynamics that undermine women's power and authority.