The Alda Center trains and empowers researchers seeking to share the stories of their work and its significance clearly and vividly.

Since 2009, the Alda Center has trained more than 12,000 scientists and medical professionals from governmental organizations, universities, and private organizations.

Alda Medical Experience

Medical professionals will be encouraged to collaborate, innovate, and communicate effectively across interdisciplinary teams. 

Alda Science Communication Experience

Scientists will harness the power of storytelling to share the importance of their work.

Power Connection

Female scientists will learn to combat and cope with existing power dynamics and hierarchies. 

Workshops on the Road

Certified Alda Center instructors are available to come to your institution to work with your researchers in one, two, or three-day interactive workshops.

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Workshops in NYC

Individual scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals can travel to New York City to participate in one of our one or two-day workshops on their own.

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