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2017 Flame Challenge Finalist 

Chemistry Tutor at the University of Wollongong from Mangerton, NSW, Australia 

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Johanna is also a freelance science writer and has her own Youtube channel, Class 509: Science History.

“I hate to admit it but I fell into the “energy? This’ll be easy to explain” trap. Turns out energy is really hard to explain in a visual format given that you can’t physically see it. I went and looked up the standard definitions for energy and decided that instead of trying to explain what it is I would show viewers what it does.

“In my experience, I understand concepts much better if I have something familiar to apply it to. The fact that I got to eat cake on camera was a bonus.”

“I’m hoping that students can start to see energy everywhere. It’s the driving force behind anything that moves or changes in our universe.”

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