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In addition to his work as an Alda-certified instructor, David is a professional actor and stage director who, like Alan Alda himself, trained in improvisational techniques early in his career. Since joining the Alda Center in 2016, his great passion has been sharing this discipline of personal connection with scientists, doctors, and other professionals to improve communication and understanding while igniting curiosity in the public. 

He is primarily an actor and theater director. Early in his career, he studied Viola Spolin theater games, applying them as a rehearsal and performance technique in staging classic Moliere plays. David also led improvisation workshops and taught acting scene study. For several years, he took a break from theater and worked as an ESL teacher, teacher trainer and administrator in the English school component of a large immigrant resettlement organization in Manhattan. More recently, he turned back to acting full time, touring a one-man show around the world (Australia, Canada, Germany, Holland, Ireland, UK) and moving to London where he performed in the West End and across the UK. In October, he returned to America after 3 happy years in London. 

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