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In addition to her work as an Alda-certified facilitator, Brenda’s social science research into communication helps develop and continuously improve the Alda Center’s workshops. Brenda is dedicated to discovery of knowledge, and enjoys working at the Alda Center because of the team’s commitment to sharing information, and empowering others to do the same. Brenda holds a doctoral degree in health communication from George Mason University, and has published her work in peer-reviewed journals, books, and other publications

With a background in communication, health care, and curriculum design and assessment, Brenda brings a unique perspective to designing and delivering evidence-based communication training for scientists and health care professionals. Much of her work is translational and centered on the intersection of health and instructional communication to improve the quality and continuity of health care for patients and improve health outcomes for patients and communities. She has designed and delivered accredited continuing medical education programs to thousands of health care professionals nationwide. As a communication researcher, her work explores topics such as health literacy, organizational socialization, team science, patient adherence, and communication motives.

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