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    Advanced Graduate Certificate in Health Communication

    Health is about more than individuals. Health is communal. It’s regional. It’s societal. Creating healthy societies means having meaningful conversations, sharing information effectively, and communicating with empathy and compassion. Earn your health com ...

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    Research suggests psychological health benefits of improvisation

    A paper recently published in the peer-reviewed journal “Thinking Skills and Creativity,” suggests that improvisational theater exercises may improve psychological health in adults. The paper, “ Improv promotes divergent thinking, uncertainty tolerance, a ...

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    SBU shines a light on postdoc research

    Five minutes never went so quickly. In that time, Stony Brook University postdoctoral scholars explained their research to cure infections caused by antibiotic-resistant yeast; design the perfect metal for medical implants; reduce occurrences of Lyme dise ...

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    SBU student aims to create new field of medicine, someday

    Making sense of the mighty mitochondria SBU graduate student combines research, communication to create a new field of medicine, someday Aaliyah Grandy envisions a new branch of medicine, focused on the diseases that result from malfunctioning mitochondri ...