Science Unplugged Courses at SBU

JRN 509: Presenting Science Unplugged

This course is for students that have taken JRN 501 Distilling Your Message and JRN 503 Improvisation for Scientists, and want the full experience of working in front of a live audience. With group meetings and private coaching sessions, students will hone science presentations into 10-minute talks for a lay audience on campus, and 25-minute talks for a high school or library audience. Students must begin the class with a prepared talk ready for coaching and a clear and vivid short description for marketing purposes. Each student will participate as a peer coach for one other student and will be required to attend at least one other talk off campus. Learn more and watch samples. Email for permission to enroll.

JRN 514: Science Unplugged Presents

This course is the second part of a two-part presentation course after the successful completion of JRN 509. It is designed for students who are prepared to deliver their scientific talks to a public audience. Students will travel to local high schools or libraries to deliver their prepared talk. Each student will deliver their talk at least twice, as well as participate as a peer coach for another student off-campus. Email for permission to enroll.

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