For Scientists

What is a flame? What is time, energy, or climate? These questions were asked by students around 11 years old and answered by real scientists in past years of The Flame Challenge™. Written and video entries were then judged by some of the same students based on how well they understood and enjoyed the entries. Thousands of scientists have participated to practice their science communication skills in a fun and interesting way!

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

The Flame Challenge™ is currently on haitus, taking time to incorporate feedback and research to evolve the competition into something that will better serve the needs of Scientists like you. We are excited about where this evaluation will take us!

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Advice from Visual Winner (2017) Johanna Howes

Listen to Johanna Howes, the video winner for The Flame Challenge™ in 2017. She answered the question "What is energy?" and shares her science communication knowledge and experience on The FizzicsEd Podcast. Fast-forward to 14:20 to hear about her submission to The Flame Challenge™.