Michael Bronski


Michael Bronski loves learning about science and sharing exciting discoveries with friends, family, and students. He especially enjoys sharing knowledge that changes the way people view the world or themselves, and showing how diverse disciplines - like biology, physics, astronomy, foreign policy, and even art history - intersect. Michael completed his undergraduate training at Cornell University where he double majored in Biology and Government. He is currently a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley in the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology.

His research interests include the evolution of DNA sequences that control gene expression, and assembling the genome of a fungus that infects fruit flies and takes over their brains. Changes in gene expression underlie everything from human disease to the origin of species; and mind- controlling parasites manipulate host behavior in ways that make neurobiologists jealous. While teaching at Berkeley, Michael received the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Award, and led workshops to train new GSIs. He enjoys being in nature, reading, the movies, and making science-themed activities for his nieces and nephew. He is also a rare disease advocate and patient.

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