Meet an 11-Year- Old and Prepare for The Flame Challenge™

Friday, December 15, 2017 — Noon EST

You're planning on entering The Flame Challenge™ in 2018. You've got the question and you've got the facts. But how much do you actually know about 11-year-olds? What do they care about? What gets them excited? What makes them laugh? And most importantly, how will knowing your audience better help you communicate better? Tune in for the first of several videos helping scientists craft their best possible entry to The Flame Challenge™.

It's not enough to think about the general concept of an 11-year-old; you want to be specific! This worksheet will help you step into the shoes of your audience and consider not only what interests and excites them, but also why they might care about what you have to say on climate.

Download the audience worksheet


  • Students of Brentwood South Middle School
  • Nancee Moes, MFA  Nancee is an Improvisation Instructor for the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. She teaches primarily undergraduate science students, pushing them to develop skills in presence, audience connection, and personal investment. She is also the coordinator for The Flame Challenge™ 2018. 

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Nancee Moes