Win-Win Negotiation:
Building Bridges for Collective Success


The complexities of negotiation are often further complicated by the communication culture in medicine. This module includes an analysis of negotiation, skill-building exercises, and practice. With awareness of the dynamics that come into play in negotiation and hands-on experience, participants are prepared to return to their positions in health care with practical tools for all levels of negotiation. Topics include but are not limited to: authenticity; integrative negotiation; empathy vs. assertiveness; persuasion; and the power of listening. Win-Win Negotiation: Building Bridges for Collective Success is ideally suited for mid-career and senior level health care professionals including physicians, nurses, ancillary staff, administrators and executive leadership (c-suite level, deans, chairs).

What to Expect

Health care professionals explore improvisation exercises targeting integrity and authenticity to overcome perceived challenges in workplace negotiations. They learn to acknowledge existing assumptions and stereotypes that drive communication in high stakes interactions. Participants move out of their comfort zones to analyze the role of emotion, logic, goal-setting, perception checking, and persuasion in negotiation. A debrief and application to health care communication solidifies the learning experience. Participants are introduced to the Negotiation Planning Tool, designed to facilitate an active acknowledgement of one’s personal needs and desires as well as those of their conversation partner, while simultaneously identifying points of intersection in preparation for a workplace negotiation.

The duration of this module is 3 hours. Sessions accommodate groups up to 16 or groups up to 32.

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[Photos courtesy of Radha Ganesan]