Communication as a Pathway
to Resilient Leadership


This module advances the concept that communication is critical to resilient leadership. As health care providers transition into leadership positions, many experience a cultural shift which requires them to adapt their communication style. As a valuable contributor to the organization, leaders must be able to communicate using business logic, while also balancing a clinical, educational, and/or research agenda. Topics addressed in this module include but are not limited to: role ambiguity; in-group/out-group dynamics; transparency; and change management. Communication as a Pathway to Resilient Leadership is ideally suited for mid-career and senior level health care professionals including administrators and executive leadership (c-suite level, deans, chairs). 

What to Expect

Health care leaders are empowered to create a collaborative communication culture in their team(s) through the use of improvisation. Leaders learn to transform their communication through modeling change, demonstrating commitment, and evoking trust in collaboration with their team members. A debrief and application to health care communication solidifies the learning experience.

leadership_1.jpgParticipants are introduced to the Leading Through Vision Tool, designed to facilitate brainstorming strategies to communicate a vision for change. Participants explore how transparency and message framing can foster a co-creation of meaning within a team. The tool prompts structured feedback to highlight elements of a vision that require increased transparency. 

The duration of this module is 3 hours. Sessions accommodate groups up to 16 or groups up to 32.

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[Photos courtesy of Radha Ganesan]