Alda Medical Experience™


Mission, Vision, Values

The Alda Medical Experience™ transforms health care communication through the power of improvisation. Our approach aims to create a collaborative climate in which all team members advance high quality patient care together. The experience strengthens medical professionals’ ability to innovate, collaborate, and communicate. The Alda Center envisions a world that recognizes the wonder and value of communication in medicine. We value authenticity, integrity, collaboration, and commitment to excellence.

The Alda Method® Difference

The Alda Center holds itself to the highest standards of curriculum design, implementation, and assessment. Alda Center faculty represent a transdisciplinary team of researchers, academics, and practitioners. All training modules are evidence-based and theoretically grounded. Research and evaluation inform an ongoing quality improvement process. 


The Alda Medical Experience™ launched in 2018 after over a year of pilot testing and feedback from hundreds of health care providers, nurses, ancillary staff, hospital administration, and key leadership. It features three modules, which can be completed individually or combined. All modules feature a combination of improvisation exercises, and a facilitated debrief to connect the content of the training to communication in the health care environment. Following the improvisation exercises, participants plan and test different communication strategies using a variety of tools informed by communication theory. All exercises are (1) tiered, (2) focused on addressing communication challenges identified by key stakeholders, and (3) focused on interprofessional communication among health care teams. The team is also prepared to deliver customized trainings designed to help organizations work collaboratively to provide highest quality patient care.

Training Modules: