Play Make It Snap and Prepare for The Flame Challenge™

February 23, 2018 — Noon EST

You’ve got to hook your audience right away, they say. Make sure you end your talk with some power, they say. After all, why would you communicate something if you don’t want to be remembered? But for many scientists it’s a seemingly impossible task. Fear not. With the right tools you too can capture your audience’s attention, and keep it. Join Dr. Steven Jaret to flex those creative muscles and discover how to make your message snap! 


Play Make It Snap yourself!

Each of the wheels below is filled with fun prompts for you to use to try starting or ending your message in a snappier way. 

The first two are designed with your beginning in mind: one is devoted to interests and the other to passions. Spin the wheel and see if you can create common ground between your science and the interest or passion that real 11-year-old’s have shared with us!

Spin the wheel to hook your audience with their interests


Spin the wheel to hook your audience with their world concerns


Spin the wheel to make your ending snap!

This third wheel is designed with your ending in mind.  Each prompt is meant to push you to a place where you are thinking totally outside the box. It may seem ridiculous but keep in mind that by pushing yourself you may use vivid, evocative language that you wouldn't otherwise have discovered. Be brave!



Video Featuring:

  • Steven Jaret, PhD, Geologist
    Dr. Jaret is a planetary geologist and geochemist at Stony Brook University. Most of his research focuses on meteorites and meteorite craters. The overall goal of his research is to use the Earth as a laboratory to understand other planetary bodies in the solar system such as Mars or the moon. 

  • Nancee Moes, MFA
    Nancee Moes is an Improvisation Instructor for the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science.  She teaches primarily undergraduate science students, pushing them to develop skills in presence, audience connection, and personal investment.  She is also the coordinator for The Flame Challenge™.

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