Workshops on the Road


Empowering Clear and Vivid Communication

The Alda Center offers a variety of programs designed to help scientists, healthcare professionals, and others learn to communicate clearly and vividly with audiences, including elected and government officials, members of the media, other scientists and interdisciplinary collaborators, and others.

After engaging with an Alda Center program, experts from a wide variety of fields will be better equipped to share the importance of their work, clearly and vividly.

Workshops Around the World

Our Alda-certified instructors travel the nation and the world, offering the Alda Center’s workshops and other programs to corporations, government organizations, non-profits, universities, and other organizations.

Alda Method

All Alda Center programs are informed by the Alda Method, a highly interactive approach to communication training that combines improvisational theater exercises and message-design techniques.

Available Programs

Science Communication Experience

This one or two-day workshop is intended for scientists and other researchers who are looking to share their work and discoveries with a variety of audiences.

Medical Experience

This highly customizable workshop helps healthcare teams learn to work together to prevent burnout and improve care delivery.

Power Connection

This one-day workshop is designed to empower people and help them discover strategies to challenge gender stereotypes and begin to change the culture of fields that have traditionally been unwelcoming to women and other minorities.