Social Media for Science Communication


July 13 - 31, 2020

In this three-week professional-development program, scientists and researchers will learn to engage their chosen audience and share their science on social media.

This self-paced, online program is designed for professionals who are curious about establishing a professional social media account, or those who already have an account but want to expand their reach.

During the program, participants will:

  • Understand how social media platforms can be used to participate in conversations about science;
  • Develop a strategy to succeed on social media, including identifying and reaching a target audience;
  • Establish a tone on social media that is a trustworthy and reliable source of scientific information.

This program is free to participants. It is sponsored by The Kavli Foundation.

Application Process

The application process is now closed. 

Currently enrolled Stony Brook graduate students interested in learning about sharing science on digital media are encouraged to explore the Alda Center's graduate courses, offered through the School of Journalism.

Program Details

Full participation in the course requires a good internet connection and the capacity to create basic audio and video recordings using Zoom or similar software.

Participants should plan to spend two to four hours a week on various assignments and readings. Assignments will be shared via email and on Canvas, a free online learning platform. The majority of the program will be asynchronous, and participants will work at their own pace to complete the week’s assignments.

During the last week of class, participants will meet in small groups for discussion and presentations. Groups will be established and assigned based on participant availability. The 90-minute session will be conducted in real time using Zoom video conferencing.