Play Jargon Police and Prepare for The Flame Challenge™

For many scientists, communicating with the general public can be a challenge. Many people haven't completed higher education, they don't read scientific journals and some simply haven't been alive as long as you have. Don't give up. Effective science communication is possible, and it can be fun. Join Dr. Steven Jaret to break the curse of knowledge and practice talking about your science in a more accessible way. Never fear, the Jargon Police are here! 

Play the Jargon Police game yourself!

Download the Jargon Police Form

Jargon Police is a quick, fun way to police yourself on jargon, so take the challenge!  Download the form, and grab a pen and your phone.  Write your area of research or scientific work at the top, and under it, the five most common words or phrases you use to explain it to an audience in your own field—be honest!  After you’ve written down your answers, take the challenge.  Explain your research in one minute or less, but WITHOUT using that language.  Record yourself holding up the form so your audience can see what you’ve written.  See how you do. 

Send your video to us we’ll feature the best of these videos each week on our website and social media!   We’ll even send you an official Flame Challenge Jargon Police badge to use as you challenge your friends - have fun! 

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Video Featuring:

  • Steven Jaret, PhD, Geologist
    Dr. Jaret is a planetary geologist and geochemist at Stony Brook University. Most of his research focuses on meteorites and meteorite craters. The overall goal of his research is to use the Earth as a laboratory to understand other planetary bodies in the solar system such as Mars or the moon. 
  • Nancee Moes, MFA
    Nancee Moes is an Improvisation Instructor for the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science.  She teaches primarily undergraduate science students, pushing them to develop skills in presence, audience connection, and personal investment.  She is also the coordinator for The Flame Challenge™ 2018.

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