Alda Science Communication Experience™


Explore empathy to create clear and vivid communication.

Scientists and other researchers learn to share their professional passion and their discoveries clearly and vividly with different audiences during this one- or two-day workshop.

Informed by social science and communication research, this training program combines improvisational theater exercises with message-design techniques to empower researchers to effectively communicate their work to other researchers, government officials, funding agencies, students, friends and family, among others.

Participate in a Training Workshop

Workshops on the Road

Organizations can host the Alda Science Communication Experience workshop and bring Alda-certified instructors to their facility. Workshops are designed for between 16 and 32 individuals.

Complete an inquiry form to learn more about bringing the Alda Center to your organization. A member of our Workshops Team will reach out to you to learn more about your needs.

Workshops in NYC

Individuals may attend one of our trainings in New York City. We offer a different workshop in Manhattan approximately once a month through our Immersion program.

Learn more about our NYC-based workshop program.


Plenary Session: A Brief Exploration

The Alda Center’s 90-minute plenary program is designed to give large groups of people an introduction to our unique approach to communication training.

This program is designed for mixed groups of scientists, researchers, and others looking to improve their communication of complex topics. It can be added to professional conferences, an organization’s staff events, or offered as a stand-alone program.

The plenary uses simple improvisational theater exercises and message-design techniques to help participants explore and experience effective communication strategies. During the program, participants will build fundamental skills that improve audience engagement and understanding.

The session can accommodate an unlimited number of people.

Plenary Extension: A Chance to Practice

A small group of people may choose to deepen their plenary experience through the extension program.

This additional 90-minute session can accommodate up to 32 people, who are invited to the experience by the host organization in advance.

During the extension, people will apply the insights they gained during the plenary in a series of tiered exercises that incorporate practice and peer feedback.

The extension program is only available in combination with the plenary.

About the Program

The Alda Center’s unique communication training helps researchers build empathy and audience awareness. In this way, researchers are prepared to develop powerful and engaging messages for every situation and with every audience, regardless of their previous scientific understanding.

All Alda Center programs are designed to give participants opportunities to engage, practice, and receive feedback to help researchers identify and strengthen their communication style. The Alda Method empowers empathetic and effective communication.