Alda Medical Experience™

Medical professionals are under tremendous pressure to provide high quality health care at a fast pace, provide and process digital information, and communicate empathically with multiple stakeholders. These ever-increasing demands increase stress and cause burnout. According to prevailing research, one of the most powerful ways to prevent and reduce burnout is to improve communication among healthcare team members.

fullsizeoutput_72.jpegExplore the Alda Medical Experience

The Alda Medical Experience helps healthcare professionals refocus their energies, reconnect with their passion for the work, and build strong professional relationships with their colleagues.

During this experiential workshop, healthcare teams explore additional ways to use empathy in clear and vivid communication. Effective and empathetic communication helps to reduce stress and improve morale for each individual on the team, preventing burnout and ultimately improving patient care.

Host a Plenary Session

In this presentation, a member of the Alda Center medical team will share insights from academic research about building resilience and improving collaboration among healthcare teams, and introduce elements of the experiential Alda Method. This hour-long talk sets the stage for one or more immersive modules and may be tailored to your organization’s needs.​

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Participate in a Training​

Workshops for Individuals

Individuals may attend one of our trainings in New York City. We offer the Alda Medical Experience in Manhattan approximately twice a year.

Please note that all in-person programming has been postponed until 2021 to ensure personal safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.