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Alda Online offers a series of three-hour modules, each designed to help you achieve your communication goals.

These online programs continue the Alda Center’s commitment to experiential learning, using message-design strategies and improvisational theater exercises.

As meetings, conversations and collaborations move to digital platforms, our expert instructors can show you how you can build connections, share your work, and respond authentically to your audience.

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Connection Revisited: A Communication Skills Reboot 

Researchers who have previously experienced an in-person Alda Center training can refresh their improvisational skills and deepen their abilities to connect with others through this advanced training module. During this program, participants will strengthen their empathic abilities by engaging with each other and their instructor. The skills they practice in this virtual program will help researchers foster deeper, more meaningful connections with others as they share their science, in-person or online. The session helps participants listen dynamically, expand their awareness of others, and become more comfortable being spontaneous.

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Preparing for Virtual Media Interviews 

If one of your goals is sharing your work through the media, this three-hour program will prepare you to succeed in an interview. Interviews require an ability to improvise while staying true to your core message; this session will help you achieve that balance with practice and feedback from your peers.

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Advocating for Yourself through Negotiation

As a scientist, like most other professionals, you need to know how to negotiate and be prepared to ask for what you need and want, and engage fully in the challenge of advocating for your goals. In this three-hour module, you will learn to practice and approach negotiation thoughtfully and empathically.

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Building Bridges: Connecting Science and Policy

This three-hour online training shows participants how to apply the Alda Method to transcend the challenges in sharing science, in-person or remotely, with decision makers. Science, and sound scientific decision making, is critical in society. Working effectively with decision makers requires trust, time, and personal relationships. "Building Bridges" empowers scientists with strategies and tools to enhance science communication across levels of government.

Participants will have a more valuable experience if they know their communication goal and audience, especially a specific policymaker or group of individuals. In addition to Google Media search and individual's websites, we recommend exploring Congress.gov, Govtrack.us, and OpenSecrets.org.

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If you're participating in an Alda Online workshop, you can access your workshop materials here.