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    To Whom Was the First Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded?

    For all of us who take on the challenge of science communication, the excitement of the  2016 Nobel Prize season was palpable. The Nobel Prize makes science more accessible for the general public, reminding everyone that science is important, interesting ...

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    Why Research for the Pure Sake of Knowing is Enough

    From PBS Newshour by Judy Woodruff Biologist Sheila Patek has faced criticism for her research on mantis shrimp and trap-jaw ants. In recent months, members of Congress have called her studies a waste of taxpayer money. Tonight, she explains how ...

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    The Power of Conversation to Communicate Science

    As part of COMPASS, writer Nancy Barron joined Dr. Dietram Scheufele, a communication expert at the University of Wisconsin – Madison on the public and political interfaces of emerging science in advance of his keynote address at the 2016 North American ...

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    Astrophysicist Mario Livio on the Intersection of Art and Science

    Original on www.smithsonianmag.com Mario Livio is an astrophysicist and author who worked on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) for over two decades. Born in Romania and raised in Israel, he studied physics and mathematics, theoretical physics, and ...

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    Using Art to Illuminate Science

    Original on news.tulane.edu In 2014, the Tulane program A Studio in the Woods started the ‘Flint and Steel: Cross Disciplinary Combustion’ residency program, which partnered artists with academic scholars. Many of these residencies serve to illustrate ...

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    Should We Embrace Failure In Science More?

    Science is about collaboration and sharing ideas — both the good things, as well as the things that didn’t go to plan. And while there is a tendency not to publish things that don’t work, perhaps we could use conferences, social media, blogs and group ...

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    3 C’s of communicating science: Clarity, Creativity, Curiosity

    Sense About Science writer Neda Afsarmanesh recently participated in the first 2016 Public Engagement Workshop for Scientists at  California Institute of Technology. Scientists came from within the university as well as from the nearby Jet Propulsion ...

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    Science Communication and Democracy

    From the Public Understanding of Science initiative in the mid-1950s, to decades-later controversy about nuclear power and genetically modified crops, the public has become increasingly aware and involved in decisions about science.   Of course, ...