Science Communication: A Visual Perspective

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About the webinar:

The visual side of research communication is a vital piece of the puzzle whose importance is often minimized or overlooked entirely. This session will touch on some nuts-and-bolts best practices for visual communication, and will also explore some deeper, more conceptual approaches to consider for the most effective results.

Attendees will gain practical knowledge about visual communication, learning about technical details as well as high-level general considerations.


September 30, 2019
3:00-4:15pm ET

This webinar was free and open to the public thanks to the generous support of the Kavli Foundation.

Webinar speaker: 


Yael Fitzpatrick is an art director, publications designer, sometimes writer, and science communicator. She spent the first part of her life concentrating on math and the sciences, and then took an unexpected detour into the arts. Things came full circle once she realized she could focus on visually communicating the content she loves. The former Art Director for the Science family of journals and Manager of Design & Branding for the American Geophysical Union, Yael now runs Gazelle Design Consultancy, specializing in art direction, design, and brand management for the scientific and scholarly publishing space.


The opinions expressed in this webinar are those of the speaker. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Alda Center.