Attend an Alda-Kavli Learning Center webinar to learn from guest experts! Our webinars are free and open to the public thanks to the generous support of the Kavli Foundation. If you're not able to attend live, please browse our past webinars and watch the archived recordings.

Science Communication: A Visual Perspective

  • Yael Fitzpatrick

This session touches on some nuts-and-bolts best practices for visual communication, and will also explore some deeper, more conceptual approaches to consider for the most effective results. 

Eleven Principles for Communicating Science to Get Results

  • Amy Aines & Roger Aines

Learn how to approach your communication with important decision makers so that your conversations and presentations help advance your work. 

Making Science Communication More Strategic 

  • John Besley & Anthony Dudo

Develop an improved understanding of how strategic communicators differentiate between communication tactics, objectives, and behavioral goals in order to develop evidence-based strategy. 

Relationship-Building and Influence: Tips for Getting Sponsors to Support Your Science

  • Amy Aines & Roger Aines

By understanding key principles of relationship-building, you can craft more compelling communication and strategies that get sponsors and funders to support your work. Learn how to build trust and rapport to foster productive relationships with sponsors. 

An Evidence-Based Approach to Science Communication

  • Christopher Volpe

For all our careful work, scientists can still succumb to biases and assumptions that sabotage our efforts to engage with the public. Learn how to avoid falling into the traps that still plague many in the scientific community.