SBU Science on Stage

dreamstime_m_172416075_0.jpgSBU Science on Stage

Three Stony Brook University scientists opened up to three professional playwrights to discuss their work, their careers, and some of the challenges they face as scientists. 

The playwrights, inspired by the stories and the science, each crafted a short, one-act play to be shared live online with audiences from around the world. The performances will be followed by a panel discussion with the scientists and the writers about the intersection of science and art, and the process of their collaboration.

Presented with support from The Kavli Foundation

All plays directed by Meredith McDonough

Words Words Words

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By Deborah Zoe Laufer 
Inspired by H. Andrew Schwartz, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Performed by Johnny Wu and Eva Kaminsky


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By Nathan Alan Davis
Inspired by Clare Whitney, Assistant Professor Stony Brook University School of Nursing
Performed by Cassie Beck

A Walk with a Funder through the Valley of Death or; How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Angel Investors

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By Ken Weitzman, Associate Professor of English, Theatre, and Writing
Inspired by Alexander Orlov, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering
Performed by Corey Brill and Brian Quijada

Panel Discussion with Partner Scientists and Playwrights