Know Your Tactics

About the Online Workshop:

You've considered your audience and empathically taken their perspective into account. You've chosen a goal that's centered on how you want to impact them, one that's realistic in scope and inspiring to you. Now what? How on earth do you begin to shape your message to achieve that goal? Which tactics will you choose, and which ones will you forego?

This online workshop is designed to help scientists apply the audience-centered strategy to the choice and implementation of specific communication tactics. Set aside that generalized "bag of tricks" and instead take up an approach that's specific and contextual. 

  • Understand the importance of choosing specific tactics for effective communication
  • Apply audience-centered strategy to the choice and implementation of tactics 

Preference will be given to those who have taken either our Know Your Audience or Know Your Goal workshops. 

Fall 2019 Sessions:

Space for this online workshop is limited. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and participants will be notified upon acceptance. We will close applications for each session as they become filled.

Nancee Moes's picture

Nancee Moes, MFA

Improvisation Lecturer

Flowing from her work as an Alda-certified instructor, Nancee’s special focus is on building online curricula for the Alda-Kavli Learning Center that explore new ways to create authentic engagement. Few things excite her more than fully embodied communication and she is thrilled to be able to help scientists connect to their passion, their bodies, and their audiences. Nancee graduated magna cum laude from Grand Valley State University with degrees in communication and writing. She completed her graduate work in dramaturgy at Stony Brook University.