Making Your Case to Congress


WHEN: Febuary 20, 2020
TIME: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM ET

Space for this online workshop is limited. Participants will be notified upon acceptance.

Workshop Instructor(s)
JBranegan's picture

Jay Branegan


Jay Branegan brings years of journalism experience, along with a second career as a congressional staffer and a love of science, to his role as an Alda-certified instructor. Jay’s Alda Center workshops focus on communicating to federal policy makers. He majored in physics and philosophy at Cornell, where he had a seminar with Carl Sagan, the patron saint of science communication. Jay’s many years in Washington convinced him that it’s important – and difficult – for scientists to explain the significance of their work to busy legislators, and he enjoys the challenge of helping scientists navigate the corridors of Capitol Hill.