The Alda-Kavli Learning Center

Online Learning Experiences

All online programs are 90 minutes

Know Your Audience​
March 5
An Alda-certified instructor will help scientists and other researchers learn to identify and better understand the people they will be addressing, to help them frame a message that will resonate with that group.

Know Your Goal
January 30
March 19

An Alda-certified instructor will help scientists and other researchers learn to articulate what they want to achieve in talks, presentations, and other communications.

Know Your Tactics
February 13
April 9

An Alda-certified instructor will help scientists and other researchers select the appropriate tools to achieve their goals and ensure their messages resonate.

Making Your Case to Congress
February 20
April 23

Learn to share your work effectively and constructively with U.S. policymakers and Congressional staffers. This workshop is designed for scientists and researchers involved in lobbying efforts.

January 15: "A Guide to Speaking with Humans" with Paul Sutter
February 12: "Social Medial Workshop for Scientists: Extending your Digital Footprint" with Sree Sreenivasan

The Alda-Kavli Learning Center offers webinars with leading science communication experts approximately once a month. Past webinars are also available.

A Message from Alan Alda

About the Alda-Kavli Learning Center

Supported by The Kavli Foundation, the Alda-Kavli Learning Center provides a place for scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, and others to continue to learn about and improve their communication style.

Through a series of free online learning experiences, individuals learn more about clear and vivid communication. Informed by the Alda Method, these programs serve as precursors or follow-up activities to the Alda Center's workshops.

A series of monthly webinars by leading science communication experts offers individuals a different perspective on communication, and provides other science communication experts with a forum to share their ideas and engage with each other.

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